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VoIP Weblog
Xcelerator IP phone offer all in one solution for small businesses
Vertical Communications has got something worthwhile for small businesses and this is an all in one VoIP phone which includes a phone, firewall, router and wireless access point in a single package. As per the company it is easier and cheaper to maintain this VoIP system as compared to the traditional systems available. Up till now all the components had to be purchased separately but Xcelerator IP has brought down the cost of ownership with it.
May, 2007

Small Biz Resource
New All-in-One VOIP Phone for SMBs
For all you small business owners out there considering making the leap to VOIP, there's never been a better time. First Microsoft is trying to get your business, then Cisco jumps into the fray, and now Vertical Communications comes out with its all-in-one VOIP phone.
May, 2007

Tech Republic
Integrated VoIP appliance makes telephony easier for small businesses
In the past, small businesses with 10-25 users fell through the cracks when it came to VoIP services. There are numerous vendors that offer consumer-level VoIP services and many of these same companies (Vonage, Lingo, SunRocket, Packet8, etc.) also offer "business plans," but these are aimed primarily at very small businesses -- those with five or fewer users -- as they include only a single VoIP line accompanied by a fax line. At the other end of the spectrum, many vendors offer enterprise-level VoIP services for large businesses.
May, 2007

Internet Telephony
Vertical Enhances VoIP Solutions for Any Vertical
Among the problems plaguing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) today is that, as their businesses become more successful and as their communications needs evolve, they find that their existing phone systems are not capable of growing with them. Thus, many are forced to either suffer with less-than-adequate technology or spend exorbitantly on a new, more advanced communications system. Neither is without its drawbacks.
January, 2007

CRM Today
Aerospace Products and Oregon Society of CPAs Select TeleVantage IP-PBX and Contact Center Improves Performance and Operational Efficiencies
Vertical Communications, provider of next-generation, IP-based phone systems and voice applications that help businesses better serve their customers, has announced that the aviation industry’s foremost supply chain management provider and a non-profit are deploying Vertical’s award-winning TeleVantage® IP-PBX and Contact Center.
January, 2007

Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Vertical Launches Comdial DX-120 Phone System
Vertical Communications, a provider of next-generation, IP-based phone systems and applications, has announced the availability of the Vertical Comdial DX-120 Business Communications System. The DX-120 continues the legacy.
January, 2007

Telecom Tactics Survey 2006: Telecom Manufacturers Round Out System Portfolios
A look back at business telephony system introductions in 2006 indicates that leading telecommunications manufacturers are rounding out their telephony system portfolios and focusing on growing businesses. Very small offices, mid-size enterprises and larger businesses with multiple sites all intend to grow and profit, and thus, require a telephony system that will continue to meet their needs in both capacity and functionality.
January 10, 2007

Vertical Expands Reach into North American SMB Market with Completion of Vodavi Acquisition
Next-generation IP network company Vertical Communications announced Monday it completed the acquisition of communications solutions provider Vodavi Technology, for $31.1 million.
December, 2006

Not Your Father's Voicemail

Every day, workers are bombarded with a constant stream of instant messages, email, phone calls, faxes, scheduled and unscheduled conferences, and online input like blogs and video clips. Juggling all those communications can take up a large chunk of the working day. Gone are the days of message pads, departmental voice mail and “hold my calls!”
December, 2006

Product Showcase: Unified Communications Devices

Features: This “UC-friendly” device includes an enhanced speakerphone design and a new Hold Lamp Indicator that simplifies the handling of multiple simultaneous calls.
December, 2006

Customer Inter@ction Solutions
IP Contact Center Technology is No Longer Out of SMBs' Reach
Thought the benefits and cost savings of utilizing IP contact center solutions were compelling, but never imagined that your company would be in a financial or IT manpower position to be able to leverage such a technology? That may have been true years ago, but it is no longer.
December, 2006

TelecomTactics Insider
Vertical Communications Acquires Vodavi
Vertical Communications announces it will acquire Vodavi Technology, Inc., a well-established and leading vendor of traditional phone systems since 1983 and IP systems since 2002. The transaction (in which Vertical will acquire the outstanding common stock of Vodavi for $31.2 million) is expected to become final by the end of 2006 and is the company’s third major acquisition in the past two years.
November 15, 2006

Internet Telephony Magazine
Article by Walter Kenrich, Vice President, Product Management, SMB Division
The telecommunications industry has always been fiercely competitive and grows more so with each new technological breakthrough. While most agree that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the future, implementing a pure VoIP solution can be an expensive undertaking for companies with legacy PBX systems in place. In addition to legacy systems, bandwidth, firewalls, and technical knowledge all play a role in making that move from PBX to VoIP. So what do resellers need to know to be successful reselling VoIP?
October, 2006

Vendor Network Architectures—Part XLIII: Vertical Communications, Inc.
Vertical Communications, Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is an example of a company that has grown and expanded by joining forces with other successful firms. The company was formed when Artisoft acquired Vertical Networks in 2004, renaming the firm Vertical Communications. Vertical Communications then acquired Comdial in 2005.
September, 2006

TelecomTactics Insider
Vertical Introduces TeleVantage 7.5
Vertical Communications announces TeleVantage 7.5, the latest release of the company's software-based IP-PBX and contact center solution for small- to mid-sized businesses. Version 7.5 adds significant enhancements that improve employee productivity and enhance customer service, and new multi-site capabilities increase scalability.
August 15, 2006

Vertical Introduces TeleVantage 7.5
Vertical Communications Inc., a provider of next-generation, IP-based phone systems and applications, on Monday introduced Vertical TeleVantage 7.5. TeleVantage is a software-based solution that combines an IP PBX with a suite of voice applications, including unified messaging, personalized call-handling rules, comprehensive call recording and a contact center. TeleVantage 7.5 provides SMBs with automatic remote login for mobile users, last-agent routing for call centers and multisite capabilities via PSTN and SIP. The solution also includes support for IP phones and services, and enhanced SIP VoIP functionality, the company said.
July 17, 2006

VoIP Magazine - CT Labs Review
Tested & Reviewed: the Vertical Communications TeleVantage IP PBX
Ideally suited for the medium-sized business, the Vertical Communications TeleVantage IP PBX has a rich set of features and a full set of ACD. After putting it through a battery of tests, our lab found the system to be a capable performer that can integrate seamlessly with a variety of telephone devices.
April 12, 2006
Download the PDF version>>

Mass High Tech
Fujitsu picks Vertical Communications' IP phone system to resell to retail
Vertical Communications Inc., a Cambridge-based provider of next-generation, IP-based phone systems, has entered into a reseller and re-marketing agreement with Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. in retail and other vertical markets.
January 17, 2005

VON Magazine
Artisoft goes Vertical
Artisoft has changed its name this week to Vertical Communications, Inc. The provider of IP-based phone systems says the name change reflects the company's strategic vision to focus on, well, vertical markets. "At the end of September, we had undertaken two transactions, buying Vertical Networks and raising $27.5 million to fund operations," said Vertical's chairman and CEO, William Y. Tauscher. "We doubled the size of the company and created a fundamentally new entity."
January 11, 2005

Testdrive: Vertical Networks InstantOffice 6.0 IP PBX
Our testers found the Vertical Networks InstantOffice 6.0 PBX to be a high-quality integrated PBX, allowing both analog and digital (TDM and IP) to successfully coexist in the same system.
October 11, 2004

IP PBX Maker Bulks Up for Battle
Artisoft Inc., maker of the TeleVantage open-systems PBX, has acquired Vertical Networks Inc., a maker of distributed IP PBX systems for vertical markets, primarily in retail.
September 29, 2004

Testdrive: Artisoft TeleVantage 6 PBX
One of the grand-daddies of new-age "CT" phone systems keeps on truckin' with VoIP end points, lots of new features and still one of the best desktop call-handling GUIs money can buy.
August 9, 2004

CT Labs Review
Artisoft TeleVantage 6 PBX Test Testing Report
CT Labs was asked by CMP Media to evaluate the Artisoft TeleVantage 6 (TV6) PBX product. CT Labs performed these evaluation and tests in the CT Labs Rocklin, CA facility and summarized the results in this report. This report was forwarded to CMP Media for publication in Communications Convergence Magazine and the popular Commweb website ( ).
Download the review in .pdf format.
July, 2004

PC Magazine
VoIP: The Right Call
After years of hype and unfulfilled promises, IP telephony - also known as Voice over IP (VoIP) - has finally evolved as a true option for small and medium-size businesses.
June 22, 2004

Why IP improves customer service
Guest Comment: Why VoIP Improves Customer Service Scott K. Pickett explains how the technology can help enterprises provide better customer care at a lower cost.
June 16, 2004

New Artisoft TeleVantage PBX Server Software Released
Or it will be soon through their channel. They say they've actually improved the GUI call-handling software, which is saying something: we always loved the old software. Artisoft released TeleVantage 6.0.
March 2, 2004

Family Advocate
Tools of the trade: Top 10 Essentials for Running a Family Law Practice
#10 - Implement the most advanced communication technology you can find. Also, get the best phone system you can. Most family lawyers spend a huge portion of the day on the phone. We use Artisoft TeleVantage, which is a PC-based phone system that allows us to drag and drop calls from one phone to another, digitally record, click to conference in other users, forward and transfer calls to cell phones and home phones; and we are able to all of that and more from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
Winter, 2004

Communications News
Monitor voice system performance
With the many options customers have today for purchasing products and services, they will not tolerate poor service for long. Network administrators need real-time information on voice system performance, and the ability to quickly modify configurations to avoid or remedy these situations.
December, 2003

Chain Drug Review
Cutting Edge Technology Facilitates Community Rx Practice
Advances in communications technologies are helping improve the operational efficiencies of community pharmacies, notes a white paper by Vertical Networks, Inc. The company, a provider of integrated communications platforms, has its system in stores operated by CVS Corp. and other retailers.
October 27, 2003

Wi-Fi Planet
SpectraLink, Vertical Networks Team on Wireless VoIP
Wireless phone system maker SpectraLink and Vertical Networks, an integrated communication systems company, are pairing their products in an effort to promote wireless voice over IP (VoIP) in retail stores, branch offices and small businesses. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Vertical Networks said Tuesday that it has added software to its InstantOffice platform that supports SpectraLink's NetLink wireless phones. Under a joint marketing agreement, the companies will sell their products together in one box.
September 16, 2003

Business Solutions
Take IP Telephony To The Bank
Integrator Worknet Inc. turns a study of a bank's telecommunications system into a $400,000 IP (Internet Protocol) telephony installation. Bob Unglaub, executive VP at Worknet, says the new system is like having a PBX in each branch that can be managed from a centralized location. "The new system not only eliminates branch-to-branch calling fees, it gives bank employees a lot of functionality they never had before," he explains. "The voice mail and e-mail systems are integrated, allowing users to listen to a voice message on their computer or phone. A GUI [graphical user interface] enables employees to configure their phone systems, thereby eliminating any need to contact the phone company for MACs." The bank can also integrate the TeleVantage software with a CRM (customer relationship management) program for functionality like prioritizing communications from large banking customers.
September, 2003