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Calls centers are becoming more and more sophisticated with the advent of improved technology. No longer is a call center a mass of phone lines, instruments and switchboards. Information technology has opened the way to a world of efficient and space-saving devices, plus many never-before features that vastly improve the call center experience.

Vertical is at the forefront of the ongoing revolution in call center communications technology, offering a range of call center solutions that replace traditional phone systems with far more powerful solutions. In addition to superior management capabilities and intelligent call handling that is built into the solution, Vertical products are built on open, standards-based architecture that enhances their flexibility far beyond that of traditional phone systems.

TeleVantage™ is the complete software solution offered by Vertical for call centers. TeleVantage works on hardware from Intel and runs on world standard Microsoft Windows®, and hence is compatible with most computer systems and is extremely user-friendly. With TeleVantage, management of your call center is powerful yet fast and easy. You can update your call center adds, changes, and moves with the click of a mouse. You can transform the entire system if you wish, provision or configure your call center one section or one agent at a time or add new features while retaining some older ones. TeleVantage lets you upgrade your system exactly as you wish. There is no need to replace your existing hand or head sets with new proprietary ones, nor do you have to pay extra for voice mail or messaging.

Both agents and managers benefit from the intuitive ViewPoint™ graphical user interface, which makes every calling operation visible, and exploits the efficiency of drag-and-drop call handling. Call recording and playback is a standard feature.

Because TeleVantage is a software-based product, your call center can always be provisioned with the latest features via a software upgrade. You can choose add-ons of your choice when you like, which is a particular advantage if you have a growing business. Unique call-handling features such as intelligent, skills-based routing give your business a competitive edge and ensure satisfied customers every time. Because it is PC-based, the TeleVantage call center solution is easy to use and makes your employees more productive. Call answering, forwarding, transferring – all these can be done using a simple and intuitive visual interface, with drag-and-drop operations or at the click of a mouse.

TeleVantage is the world’s most intelligent phone system and is the right solution for every modern call center.

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