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TeleVantage Contact Center Solution

Whether your company is primarily a contact center or it is just one of your departments, Vertical has a solution for improving employee productivity and customer satisfaction. TeleVantage™ is a next-generation IP-based phone system with powerful voice and data management features and seamless connections to third-party telephony and back-office applications that are easy to learn and easy to operate.

One of the most important factors for a company’s growth and success is the contact center. Efficient call management is the key to a proficient contact center. An IP-PBX system makes the job trouble-free and ensures that both call agents and customers enjoy an effective and pleasant contact center experience. A major advantage of TeleVantage is its intuitive and user friendly ViewPoint™ visual interface, which enables simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop operations for dialing, queue management, customer database access and many more operations. Agents can check on a customer’s personal details and history when they call to get an understanding of whom they are going to speak to even before connecting to the call.

Jumping important callers ahead of queue, intelligently routing calls to the appropriately skilled agent, customizing wrap-up time after each call to handle paperwork – these are just a few of the unique features offered by TeleVantage. There are also many useful features that supervisors can use in order to train agents better. Examples include silent coaching, which enables the supervisor to listen in to a call without being heard by the customer and also guide the agent “live.” During a particularly busy period, overflow agents can be quickly added to attend calls. Conversely, during lax periods some agents can be assigned other tasks and their calls can be distributed to the remaining agents using skills-based routing or other call-routing method.

TeleVantage is the right voice solution for any enterprise, small, medium or large. Businesses can integrate TeleVantage into their existing phone system as and when they like. Because TeleVantage is a software solution, features can be added quickly and easily according to requirements and growth so that advancement always fits into the budget of the enterprise.

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