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VoIP Business Phone Systems for Grocery Stores

The Problem

With margins that are razor-thin in the food business, how do you maximize the value of phoned-in inquiries to your stores? Approximately 30% and more of all calls into retail businesses fail. Customers hang up if they’re kept on hold too long, bounced around from one department to another, or placed on hold and abandoned. Yet each call represents potential over-the-transom revenue. How can you handle each call on the first ring to increase the average market basket, delivery superb customer service, tailor your offerings for diverse markets, and innovate to differentiate your business from competitors – all while controlling costs?

The VoIP Solution

The Vertical Grocery VoIP Business Phone Solution supports all the communications needs for your business by automating responses to routine calls and having a voice dialogue with callers. Each caller served by the system is a caller offloaded from busy store personnel. Vertical solutions are deployed in thousands of stores across the nation, assuring every day customers have fast, convenient access to accurate information and even order fulfillment – and that no phone call is dropped or missed.

The Vertical Grocery Solution also enables system administrators to monitor and control each branch store’s communications infrastructure from a central location. It generates real-time consolidated reports about call traffic and caller behavior, enabling executives to better evaluate call traffic patterns, the quality of call handling; the occurrence of peak calling times and call failure rates to optimize staffing, quickly adapt to changing conditions, and track statistics on communications infrastructure usage store by store for cost containment measures. With this detailed information on the voice channel, store management is better able to staff properly, to eliminate over-provisioning of communications resources, and to know with assurance when and where to add new services.

This Proven, Cost-Effective VoIP Buinsess Phone Solution Provides:

  • Historical trend analysis and reporting
  • Automated service response
  • Customer order automation
  • Targeted on-hold messaging
  • 24/7 access to information on store location and hours of operation
  • Visibility into store and employee performance, and how well customers are being served
  • Callbacks to customers for order pickup reminders, reducing returns to stock
  • Real-time links to databases of customer information, inventory and specials for real-time response to customer requests
  • Forwarding of calls, when appropriate, to another department or a centralized call center

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