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VoIP Business Phone Systems for Pharmacies

Retail pharmacies expect to fill about 4 billion prescriptions this year. With pharmacists spending as much as 30 percent of their time on the telephone, phone traffic is a significant factor in managing day-to-day pharmacy operations. Yet the telephone is a critical channel for customer contact, sales, and business intelligence. How can a large, multi-site pharmacy enterprise best manage this vital resource?

The VoIP Solution

The Vertical Pharmacy Solution supports all the communications needs for the pharmacy and provides a simple and efficient way to automate many patient phone calls and offload the pharmacist from handling routine prescription refills. It is deployed in thousands of pharmacies across the nation, assuring every day that doctors and customers have fast, convenient access to their local pharmacist and that no phone call is dropped or missed.

The Vertical Pharmacy VoIP Business Phone Solution also enables system administrators to monitor and control each branch store communications infrastructure from a central location. It generates real-time consolidated reports about call traffic and caller behavior, enabling executives to better evaluate call traffic patterns, the quality of call handling; the occurrence of peak calling times and call failure rates to optimize staffing, quickly adapt to changing conditions, and track statistics on communications infrastructure usage store by store for cost containment measures. With this detailed information on the voice channel, pharmacy management are better able to staff properly, to eliminate over-provisioning of communications resources, and to know with assurance when and where to add new services. 

This Proven, Cost-Effective VoIP Business Phone Solution:

  • Automates the prescription refill process and make it available to patients 24/7
  • Provides visibility into store and employee performance, and how well customers are being served
  • Faxes doctors for approval of unauthorized refill requests
  • Calls patients for prescription refill reminders, reducing returns to stock
  • Informs callers about prescription status and refills remaining
  • Recognizes and prioritizes doctor calls by number dialed
  • Ties into databases of customer information, inventory, drug information and more for real-time response to patient requests
  • Routes callers, when appropriate, to another department or a centralized call center

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