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The IP Phone Systems Solution for Restaurants

The Problem

The telephone is a vital channel for restaurant patron contact, take-out orders, reservations and business intelligence. How can a large, multi-site restaurant chain best manage this vital resource? Particularly if you are growing your carry-out business or increasing your emphasis on banquets and catering, you are becoming increasingly reliant on the voice channel. If customers get a busy signal, wait on hold, or receive poor service on the phone, they are more likely to call your competition for dinner or schedule their next company event. Do you know how many of your customers got a busy signal when they called one of your sites (and probably took their business elsewhere)? Or how a special menu performed in different regions? Or how many customers got a busy signal when they called their local store? You could be losing precious call-in business in one or several locations and not even know it.

The IP Phone Solution

Vertical's automated restaurant solution enables chain restaurants to maximize the value of the vital voice sales channel by improving call handling. Customers calls are answered on the first ring, improving customer experience, whether they are calling for reservations, carry-out, scheduling a banquet, or directions.

The Vertical restaurant IP phone system solution can automatically process phoned-in orders, track and record calls, even call customers back to tell them when their order is ready. It can also count the number of failed calls including hang ups, busy signals and abandoned calls, the number of callers kept on hold and for how long, and when call volumes are heaviest, so that you can adjust staffing accordingly. The Vertical solution enables you to track calls across your entire network of restaurants. It features powerful, real-time report generating capabilities that enable you to immediately gauge the extent of any problems -- or confirm the success of special marketing programs. It also provides potent management capabilities that enable system administrators to manage the communications infrastructure across your entire enterprise, or in individual sites.

This Proven, Cost-Effective IP Phone System Solution can:

  • Automate routine order processing and provide other self-service options
  • Provide new visibility into restaurant and employee performance and how well customers are being served
  • Tie into customer databases
  • Transfer to other extensions and to offsite locations
  • Automatically respond to routine queries for directions and hours of operation
  • Customize on-hold messages at one restaurant or the entire chain
  • Streamline the communications infrastructure and reduce the cost of operations

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