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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking enables Vertical’s internet telephony voip solutions to make and receive phone calls without requiring costly voice circuits or PSTN media gateways. The result is a dramatic reduction in the cost of everyday business communications and the elimination of the capital and support costs associated with hardware media gateways.

Vertical is pleased to certify the following growing list of Internet telephony service providers (certification denoted by blue) who offer SIP trunking services that interoperate with various Vertical business phone systems. Vertical SIP Certification means that Wave IP, MBX IP, SBX IP, TeleVantage and XTS IP users can take full advantage of the economic benefits and user-friendliness of SIP with the assurance of excellent connectivity and quality of service. The connectivity and quality of service provided by these service providers support the telephone functionality of the following Vertical products:

Wave IP

For SIP configuration guides please contact your Regional Sales Representative at 1-877-VERTICAL, Option 2 or or login to V-Connect. If you do not have a V-Connect account, please contact your Regional Sales Representative or request one online.

AccessLine™ Voice Systems

AccessLine Voice Systems
The company's hosted telecom Voice services, marketed under the "AccessLine™" brand, give companies flexible calling solutions, a simpler installation experience, and a greater range of support options than traditional telecom providers. With a history of serving over 100,000 business customers, including Sun Microsystems, American Express and IBM, we've scaled our award-winning technologies to meet the needs of entrepreneurial-minded small businesses. With the feedback of our thousands of clients, we've developed and packaged the features growing businesses need, priced to fit most any small business budget.

Whether you're an executive who travels frequently, a busy salesman trying to juggle office, home and cell phones, or an office manager seeking a single vendor to provide an integrated communications solution, Telanetix' AccessLine™ Voice Services are for you. Whether you select our digital business phone systems, conferencing, voice mail, fax-to-email, one number integrated messaging, toll-free numbers and virtual receptionist services, start growing your small business now with AccessLine™ Voice Services for Business.

Typical Applications for Business Customers:

  • Extending or replacing existing PBXs and voicemail systems, helping customers avoid new capital purchases
  • Extending corporate dial plan and sophisticated communications features to employees at any phone or desktop
  • Adding virtual extensions to in-house PBX systems for extended scalability and a broader national or international presence
  • Providing extensive end-user call control and management, putting the employee in command of their personal communications environment
  • Integrating any landline or wireless phone with existing corporate networks and dial plans and providing extension dialing
  • Providing business continuity and standby emergency PBX recovery services
  • Delivering unified messaging with access from both phone and web and notification to pagers and cell phones as well as email
  • Broadcasting group messages and unifying communications
  • Providing conference calling, both inbound and outbound, whether scheduled or spontaneous
  • Automating attendant features with sophisticated call routing

Please visit or ring 1-877-757-7323 for additional information. is a complete business communications provider for small and medium businesses nationwide.  We offer broadband internet, voice over internet (VoIP), conferencing, and managed services, all with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees response and repair times if you ever have problems with your connection, or we will credit your bill.  We have a 99.2% customer retention rate SIP Trunks allow companies to keep their existing telephone numbers and are fully 911 and e911 compliant. Two-Way, Inbound, and Outbound trunks are all available.  Manage one network connection, receive one bill and engage one point of contact for all your local, long distance and broadband Internet needs. SIP Trunks offer the following:

  • Inbound Calling
  • 800 Inbound
  • LD  Termination (Intrastate, Interstate, International)
  • Expanded Local Calling Area
  • Make Outbound Calls to 888, 877, or 800 #'s
  • 411 & Operator Services
  • Inbound Caller ID & Location
  • White Page Listing
  • Toll-free
  • Domestic & International Long Distance
  • G.711 & G.729a
  • UDP & TC911

To learn more, please visit our SIP Trunking page.


BroadvoxFounded in 2001, Broadvox is a worldwide leader in providing integrated managed VoIP services to SMB, Enterprise and Carrier customers. It has deployed one of the largest, full-featured global VoIP networks and is trusted by more than 160 telecommunications carriers, CLECs, ISPs and over a thousand enterprises to terminate and originate over six billion minutes annually. The Broadvox network operations center provides the reliability, security and quality of service required by the world’s most discriminating customers. Broadvox offers SIP Trunking, SIP origination and termination services and hosted communications solutions. Broadvox is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Please visit for additional information.


CbeyondCbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY) is a leading IP-based managed services provider that delivers integrated packages of communications and IT services to more than 29,000 small businesses in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles and San Diego. Cbeyond offers more than 20 productivity-enhancing applications including local and long-distance voice, broadband Internet, mobile, BlackBerry(R), broadband laptop access, email, web hosting, fax-to-email, data backup, file-sharing and virtual private networking. Cbeyond manages these services over a private, 100-percent Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) facilities-based network. Cbeyond deployed its first SIP Trunking customer in January 2005 and led the defining of the SIPconnect industry specification via the SIP Forum.

For more information on Cbeyond, visit


CommPartnersThink of us as the moving agents for IP technology. We help growing businesses make the move to the burgeoning present and prosperous future that is IP-based communications. Utilizing a nationwide, high performance IP network and an extensive CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) footprint throughout the Continental US and Hawaii, CommPartners provides a robust menu of high quality VoIP and enhanced IP applications to the critically important and largely underserved small- to medium-sized business marketplace through a network of strategic partners and resellers. In addition, we also leverage our network facilities and nationwide coverage to provide carrier services to a growing list of domestic and International carriers which enables us to offer attractive pricing for all of our services.

CommPartners features a full suite of business VoIP and other IP applications to help growing companies with their business communications needs. These include:

  • IPTrunking™
  • IP PBX
  • Priority Access T1 and IPDirect
  • IPContactCenter™
  • IPFaxSolution™

Please see the CommPartners Website for details on the above applications.


IP1 NetworkIP1Network Corp. (“IP1”) is an integrated communications provider (ICP), rapidly deploying a converged IP environment by uniting the voice and data worlds into applications services. Strategic partnerships with partners and agents provide an unprecedented opportunity for IP1 to implement innovative technologies, including VoIP, SIP trunks, PinLess solutions and Long Distance services, both domestically and internationally.

We offer a highly redundant and diverse network infrastructure, real time provisioning and real-time monitoring support systems and a fully integrated and customizable IP billing solution that offers our partners full end-user control, management and billing functions, for an array of IP telecommunications services such as:

  • SIP trunks
  • VOIP lines
  • Long Distance (domestic and international)
  • USA DIDS with full 911/411 solutions
  • Feature rich solutions to match your needs with built in Caller ID, Hunting, call Forwarding, and Unified Messaging
  • DIDS in 40 different countries
  • USA/Canada toll free services
  • Calling card/PinLess platform services
  • IP Video services
  • Click to Talk and SMS Click to Talk
  • DSL/T1 USA mainland solutions (powered by Covad & Level 3)

Our customer driven IP communications services offers reduced costs solutions with unparalleled network reliability and leading edge IP communications products. IP1 is headquartered in Coral Gables Florida, with offices in: Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico. Please allow us to assist you with your IP communications goals and vision by visiting us at or call us at 1-866-504-4672.


RTNS, IncResearch in Telecommunications with Network Support (RTNS, Inc) is a full service communication provider, supporting voice and data across the USA.  Our strategy is to communicate with our partners/resellers to better understand their client’s telephony and networking needs. With the convergence of the voice and data worlds, it is sometimes hard to decipher what this means to their organization. We offer many application services. RTNS maintains personnel proficiencies in all aspects of computer networking to help your company integrate into your telephony solutions.

RTNS offers clients VoIP services on our own switching environment located at an Internet Point of Presence in NYC. RTNS can take your existing data connection and enhance the quality with our Simlab VoIP Ameliorate System (VoIP enhancement to the end point). RTNS will provision your services quickly.   For all partners and resellers we offer, through our Web enhanced facilities, management and billing functions.

  • SIP trunks - all services
  • Toll Free North America
  • Domestic and International  Long Distance
  • DIDS, 800, 911, 411, Conferencing,  solutions
  • Final Mile Authorized
  • Calling card services
  • Data Solutions from DSL to DS3
  • Full QOS support and functionality on all data connections

RTNS will deliver your VoIP needs, to help your Network convergence transitioning to go smoothly. RTNS headquarters are centrally located in the northeast on Long Island in New York. Please let us help you meet your VoIP technology applications. Come visit our site at or call us at 888-6-Voip-69 (888-686-4769)

Please see the RTNS, Inc Website for details on the above solutions. (

Simple Signal

SimpleSIP, from Simple Signal, allows you to converge all your voice and data between your office and the PSTN.

SimpleSIP trunks simplify network management and optimize network expenditures. With SimpleSIP trunking, there are no limitations to the number of internal or partner communication connections. In other words, whether you are a small or large enterprise you can purchase SIP trunks for the number of concurrent calls your business supports, rather than buying each individual employee their own line.

SimpleSIP provides you with a seamless integration of traditional circuit-switched interfaces and emerging IP-switched interfaces. This simple approach to integration enables your business to easily convert from traditional circuit-switched telephony legacy systems to next-generation IP systems.

Simple SignalFrom a bottom-line standpoint, the value of SimpleSIP trunking is obvious. The most tangible benefit is lower Total Cost of Ownership savings, plus increased operational efficiencies that result from advanced IP calling features. Specifically, SIP trunking reduces the monthly recurring cost of separate PSTN and data circuits to the premise and to distant on-net users, suppliers and call center agents. With SimpleSIP, the number of TDM-T1 and PRI interfaces is reduced, as hundreds of VoIP calls can be processed with the same hardware footprint as a single T1 interface. In addition, SimpleSIP adds significant savings on long distance rates and local toll charges. SimpleSIP also brings a seamless connection between our backbone network and the SIP gateway.

Please see the Simple Signal Website for details on the above services.