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VoIP Business Phone System InstantOffice® Feature Tour

Take a tour right now of Vertical InstantOffice, our complete solution for retailers and other large, distributed enterprise customers. InstantOffice is a converged communications VoIP business phone system designed for retailers with large, multi-site operations.

Better than any other solution, InstantOffice allows you to extract new value from the phone calls that flow in and out of your stores every day. Most retailers have little visibility or control of these calls. For many retail businesses, the telephone has become the forgotten sales channel. Each failed call is a lost opportunity to bring traffic into the stores, earn customer loyalty and extract business intelligence from a direct, live communication with a customer.

Whether you’re considering a solution that includes a business voice mail service, a voice over IP phone system, a virtual PBX or a call center, InstantOffice enables you to extract valuable business intelligence from the no-longer-forgotten telephone sales channel. With InstantOffice, you can track, manage and optimize voice interactions in the same way you now manage interactions at the point of sale, the call center and the Web. InstantOffice also enables you to manage store operations and marketing efforts based on data from telephony communications, not guesswork. Better still, you can do all this while reducing network complexity and costs.

In this feature tour you will find out how world-class, leading retailers such as CVS/Pharmacy, Staples and Shaw's are currently using Vertical InstantOffice to find and exploit the hidden value in your telephone sales channel. The feature tour is divided into six sections, each describing different ways InstantOffice can add value to your business. Take the entire tour – which runs about 12 minutes end to end – or jump around by clicking on each section description. Use the pause, rewind and advance buttons to move through the tour at your own pace. Please note that the first time you launch each module it might take a minute to download. Click the image above to launch the InstantOffice Feature Tour.

Once you’ve experienced the InstantOffice feature tour, click on the link below to contact us. Let one of our product experts answer your questions and show you how you can survive and thrive with InstantOffice, and help your business find the forgotten sales channel!

Contact us today to learn how InstantOffice can enhance your business.