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IP PBX Phone System TeleVantage® Feature Tour

There’s no secret why Vertical TeleVantage is an award-winning IP PBX phone system for small and medium-sized businesses. But don’t take our word for it. Find out why CommWeb editors and CT Labs technicians call the TeleVantage ViewPoint computer interface “One of the best desktop call-handling GUIs money can buy.”

TeleVantage is designed to enable your business to enjoy the benefits of converged communication – without requiring an all-or-nothing commitment to voice over IP (VoIP). With TeleVantage you can use VoIP when and where it makes sense for you. Some businesses choose a “pure” IP solution to eliminate toll calls among offices and remote workers. Others choose a mixed solution that blends IP with existing analog, mobile and digital phones to ensure uninterrupted voice communications even when electrical power fails. A common solution enabled by TeleVantage is to seamlessly link multiple sites and remote workers by creating a virtual PBX system.

If calling features aren’t easy to use, people won’t learn them. With its intuitive user interface, TeleVantage puts a rich set of features right at your fingertips. For example, you can see whether a co-worker is out of the office, in a meeting, or on the phone, and then dial or conference them into a call with the click of a mouse. You can create personalized greetings so that VIP calls bypass voice mail and reach you at any phone, screen calls in real time and pull a caller out of voice mail.

TeleVantage is integrated with leading contact management PBX software, so that users can click to dial from your existing application, such as Microsoft® Outlook or ACT!®. You can also record phone conversations – either manually or automatically – to confirm orders or share with team members.

Even without a PC, users have access to all these features on any phone – including mobile and home phones and digital, IP and PC-based soft phones. As a result, employees are more productive, clients can reach them more easily and your business can capture valuable data on all calls.

Click on the image above to learn about TeleVantage – how it works and how it can help your business boost profits, improve productivity and better serve customers.

The TeleVantage feature tour includes six sections, each describing different features and benefits. Take the entire tour – which runs about 10 minutes end to end – or jump around by clicking on each section description. Use the pause, rewind and advance buttons to move through the tour at your own pace. Please note that the first time you launch each module there will be a short load time.

Once you’ve experienced the TeleVantage feature tour, click on the link below to set up a live demo. Let one of our product experts answer your questions and show you how TeleVantage can help your business unlock the hidden potential of your phone system!

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