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Multisite Reporter®: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Click for a larger view of InstantOffice Multisite ReporterStudies of retail environments show that 20% to 30% of all inbound calls are mishandled, with callers experiencing long hold times, excessive transfers and associates who are unable to answer questions, often because the call has been misdirected.

Unfortunately, most retail organizations have little or no visibility into their customers’ calling experience. They have no idea who called, when they called, where they called from or which department they tried to reach — information that could be of great value in allocating staff, stocking inventory and evaluating marketing programs. Further, most stores have no way of telling how often customers got a busy signal, how long they waited in call queues, whether the call was directed to the right resource, or how many callers abandoned the call — factors that can have a direct influence on short-term sales and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Click for a larger view of InstantOffice Multisite ReporterLacking such vital information, many retail organizations are operating “blind.” They cannot recognize potential problems in the calling environment until the problem is visibly affecting customers and undermining business. Making matters worse, they cannot accurately measure the extent of a problem or the impact of corrective actions intended to address it.

Enjoy Unprecedented Visibility
Now there’s a solution — MultiSite Reporter from Vertical Communications — that lets retail organizations extract the rich business intelligence that lies hidden within their call data. MultiSite Reporter is an application that works in conjunction with Vertical InstantOffice® IP-PBX platforms and draws on the extensive data collected by InstantOffice. MultiSite Reporter gives you unprecedented visibility into store communications, providing information on caller behavior, the quality of the caller experience and the effectiveness of voice applications, as well as employee productivity and facilities usage.

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