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Voice Server™: The Promise of Voice

On paper, voice self-service applications hold great appeal for retailers. They promise to deliver round-the-clock assistance, enhance customer service, and offload routine queries and transactions from busy staff.

In practice, however, legacy voice solutions are problematic, owing to their proprietary nature, unique hardware requirements and inflexibility. Applications based on last-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and speech recognition technologies are costly and time-consuming to develop and cannot be readily tailored for an organization’s fast-changing needs. Integration with existing infrastructure and IP services is challenging, and deployment and support of voice applications across multi-site environments is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

What’s worse, due to slow response times and poor voice recognition, voice-enabled applications often have the opposite effect than intended: annoying customers and creating extra work for employees.

Delivering on the Promise

InstantOffice® Voice Server from Vertical Communications transcends all these challenges. Voice Server is an advanced voice self-service platform based on a key open standard — Voice eXtensible Mark up Language (VXML) — which provides a universal method for building voice applications that are interoperable, portable and reusable. As a component of the InstantOffice converged communications system, Voice Server allows you to:

  • Accelerate development and deployment of innovative voice self-service applications to gain competitive advantage and ensure faster time-to-results and revenue.
  • Maximize consumer convenience by making self-service applications equally accessible via the phone and the Web.
  • Impress your customers by providing highly responsive voice access to content-rich information, assistance and transactions.
  • Reduce the workload on busy staff by automating a wider range of customer interactions, including complex, multi-step
    business processes.
  • Ensure investment protection by integrating advanced voice applications with existing communications infrastructure and business applications.
  • Manage voice applications to support dynamic business goals using the powerful centralized management and reporting capabilities of InstantOffice. Voice Server is optimized for distributed, multi-site environments, allowing you to host, centrally manage and support all voice services, including phone-based and in-store services, from a single integrated platform.

Treat Voice as a Web Service

In keeping with today’s Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), Voice Server lets developers treat voice as “just another Web service.” Voice becomes a discrete element— much like a visual image, a piece of data or a mouseclick— which many different applications can access via standards-based interfaces. In turn, dynamic content and sophisticated voice dialogues can be developed to voice-enable routine business processes such as customer order automation, outbound notification when an order is ready, and inventory update when a purchase is completed.

Customer Perspective: Your organization "Gets It".

In a busy world, consumers appreciate service that is convenient, efficient and respectful of their time. With Voice Server, you can show that you “get it” by enhancing customer service in all these dimensions.

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