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Applications That Benefit Your Entire Business

With access to the wealth of information provided by InstantOffice, you can manage your phone system and related operations in a way that benefits virtually every aspect of your retail business.

Sales: Convert more of your callers into buyers by verifying that calls are being handled promptly and are directed to the best resource.

Marketing: Assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns — as reflected in call volumes — and fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

Customer Service: Earn customer loyalty and repeat business by continually measuring and enhancing your customers’ calling experience.

Human Resources: Identify calling patterns, such as peak calling times and the most frequently called departments, so you can optimize staffing levels and increase agent productivity.

Telecommunications: Monitor, analyze and optimize use of trunks and lines to eliminate unnecessary infrastructure costs.

Business Planning: Get a clear and detailed picture of your communications environment to enhance business planning and guide investment decisions.

MultiSite Manager: Translating Insight into Action

While Multisite Reporter provides a rich source of business intelligence, InstantOffice MultisiteManager (MSM) lets you implement actions across your entire multisite enterprise network with surgical accuracy and speed. The combined value of MSR and MSM is to enable a continuous process of optimization. Evaluate your current operations with MultiSite Reporter, implement changes with MultiSite Manager and then verify the impact of the change with MultiSite Manager.

MultiSite Reporter: Business Intelligence Agent

InstantOffice conveys a wealth of data at the individual store level, including data on call management, the customer experience, use of voice applications and infrastructure utilization. With the InstantOffice Multisite Reporter (MSR) application, that raw information is transformed into actionable business intelligence that can be accessed by users throughout your organization via a Web browser.

With detailed views and flexible, centralized reporting, MSR provides visibility across your entire store network and lets managers “drill down” to the level of a region, store or department. By deepening your insight into ongoing operations, the Vertical converged platform supports timely, informed decision-making. You gain a better understanding of enterprise-wide call activity, and the value of voice services and current operations.

Voice Server: Just Add Voice

Another strength of InstantOffice is its user-friendly development environment, which is based on VXML (Voice eXtensible MarkupLanguage) and delivered via the integrated InstantOffice Voice Server. Your Web developers will feel right at home creating sophisticated voice applications that take advantage of today’s Services Oriented Architectures (SOA), treating voice as one of many Web services. InstantOffice easily integrates with existing resources, such as Web self-service applications, point-of-sale systems and back-end databases. You can “just add voice” to create a new, convenient service channel for your customers - and create new value from existing assets.

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