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Advanced Call Handling: The Value of Call Management

If managed and handled efficiently, incoming customer calls provide rich, multi-level opportunities to earn your customers’ business —and much more. When aggregated and analyzed, call data can also reveal valuable business intelligence and diagnostic information about the allocation of your voice-handling infrastructure.

However, the successful management of the voice channel requires prompt, flexible response to each and every call. The challenge for large, multi-store enterprises is far from trivial and poor call management is more common than one might expect within otherwise highly successful businesses. Studies of retail calling data show that 20% to 30% or more of all inbound customer calls fail. Of this amount, 40% hang up without completing their call, eroding potential revenues —and potentially impacting the reputation of a business.

What's the Problem?

High call failure rates are typical within the retail industry because voice-handling systems in common use are made up of point solutions that are not capable of meeting the challenge of managing incoming traffic in a large, multi-store environment. Voice channel “architecture” commonly consists of key system components, a small PBX, auto attendant, line sharing devices to support a number of analog endpoints, call boxes, IVR, a fax server and a voice mail server all cobbled together. Such systems typically have limited call routing capabilities and offer few or no reporting options. Their management is difficult and expensive and they are likely to require multiple vendors to support operation and maintenance. Moreover, they cannot support next generation Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network services and can’t be integrated with application servers that are the key to advanced call routing.

What's the Solution?

Vertical InstantOffice® is built with a clear focus on the voice sales channel. It offers advanced call routing, queuing and management capabilities in an integrated solution that provides all the capabilities you need to deliver and manage superb voice services across your entire network of stores. Robust and proven, this platform is being deployed by a growing number of the nation’s leading retailers including grocery, discount, pharmacy, healthcare, home improvement, restaurant and more in thousands of installation sites. The Vertical InstantOffice platform integrates IP telephony, data networking and voice applications. Voice runs on the data network sothat powerful, voice-enabled, call-handling applications can be implemented that provide unprecedented performance benefits.

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