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Business Intelligence

Customer phone calls are a valuable source of business intelligence that you can use to manage your business more effectively.

Envision a new category of communications solution - one that enables your infrastructure itself to listen and intelligently respond to many routine customer calls. Imagine further that the solution also provides detailed, real-time reports on all customer calls across a large, multi-site enterprise.

InstantOffice from Vertical Communications is designed to achieve all of these goals by consolidating voice, data networking and voice-enabled applications into a single integrated platform. It is standards-based, runs over the data network, and scales to accommodate retailers with hundreds or thousands of stores.

InstantOffice proactively serves the caller by supporting powerful voice-enabled applications that respond directly to routine inquiries, offloading them from busy in-store associates, or distributing them to the appropriate associates and managers. In addition, InstantOffice provides a radical series of unprecedented business benefits by collecting and aggregating customer call data for thoughtful and thorough analysis. Examples:

  • Customers can complete purchases 24/7 using their telephone or PC, keeping your doors open for business long after they are locked for the night.
  • You can immediately identify and resolve call management problems at the department, individual store or enterprise-wide level on the basis of call completion rates, busy answer, and hang-ups.
  • Conversely, managers can recognize and reward good performance, as revealed by consistent call patterns and by examining call recordings across your entire network of stores or view data at the level of regions, individual stores, departments or even specific employees and phone lines.
  • You can optimize staffing levels and increase agent productivity in response to the identification of peak calling periods and most frequently called stores and departments.
  • You can reallocate trunks and lines and eliminate unnecessary infrastructure costs on the basis of call traffic monitoring and analysis.
  • You can guide business planning and investment decisions with more assurance by understanding the customer experience in detail.
  • You can conveniently manage your communications infrastructure with surgical accuracy, including upgrades and moves, adds and changes from one location.

These are just a few of the many features currently helping many retailers in the grocery, restaurant, office supply, healthcare and pharmacy markets.

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