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Best-In-Class Reporting

Due to its tight integration with the InstantOffice® IP-PBX, MultiSite Reporter™ offers some of richest and most flexible reporting capabilities available today for retail environments. Administrative personnel no longer need to manually consolidate and condense data into summary views for executives and other audiences, such as store managers. Instead, a robust scheduling feature allows any report to be automatically generated at specified intervals (daily, weekly, annually, etc.) and sent to a pre-defined distribution list. Authorized users can also access reports on demand or create ad hoc reports, and any report can be printed out or e-mailed. Further adding to the convenience and flexibility of MultiSite Reporter, reports can be exported into widely used formats such as Microsoft Excel, Portable Document Format (PDF) and XML.

Call Detail Reporting
By analyzing incoming and outgoing calling patterns, you can extract valuable information about your customers’ needs and calling experience and adjust your operations accordingly. Some examples:

  • If certain stores are receiving more calls than others, it may indicate the need for increased staffing – either in the call center or out on the floor.
  • By tracking how frequently different departments transfer calls, you can determine whether your auto attendant is efficiently routing calls to the most appropriate resources, thereby minimizing the rate of abandoned calls.
  • To assess and enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, you can measure increases in call volumes – across all stores and on a regional basis – and fine-tune your strategies based on accurate, timely data.

Call Management Reporting
With MultiSite Reporter, you can analyze the performance of your call center and identify opportunities to improve service, reduce costs and optimize staffing levels to better support fluctuating call volumes. The system lets you view recent activity and historical trend data across all locations, at individual stores or for specific groups, queues, agents and callers.

  • If customers are consistently experiencing long queue waits at certain times of the day, you may need to add staff during peak hours to ensure customer satisfaction levels.
  • When call durations for certain groups or agents exceed customary averages, this may indicate that your staff requires additional training.
  • If queue times and call durations are acceptable yet your agents are handling fewer calls than usual, it may mean you can reduce staffing levels without undermining service quality.

Facility Management Reporting
For your retail locations, trunk lines represent a significant annual cost. Store managers must balance the need to ensure a positive calling experience for customers – by providing adequate capacity for incoming calls – against the imperative to aggressively manage operations costs by ensuring the company is not paying for resources that are sitting idle much of the time. MultiSite Reporter provides the information that’s needed to strike just the right balance.

The system reports on trunk usage statistics, such as the number of inbound and outbound calls, total number of all calls, percentage of time all trunks are busy and the number of trunks out of service. You can analyze system performance and operations, identify over-and under-capacity situations and optimize trunking at the local level to save money while ensuring your stores are always accessible.

Adapting to your unique needs
MultiSite Reporter includes 60 standard report templates that can be easily customized for your specific needs. With a wide array of exception reports, you can define threshold values that indicate a problem may be imminent, so it can be further analyzed and promptly addressed. For example, you can define an exception report that will flag instances where the percentage of calls abandoned exceeds a certain level, whether in particular departments, an entire store or across the network.

Integrating Management and Reporting

MultiSite Reporter works in tight integration with MultiSite Manage™r. This powerful application allows IT staff to manage dozens, hundreds or even thousands of InstantOffice systems by logical groups – all from a single location. You can easily perform backups, upgrade software and implement store changes remotely and at pre-scheduled times, enabling highly efficient management at a greatly reduced cost of ownership.

With InstantOffice, reporting and management of your communications infrastructure can be tightly integrated. For example, if data from MultiSite Reporter suggests that your auto attendant system is routing calls inefficiently – resulting in excessive call transfers in all your stores – you can use MultiSite Manager to implement a change across the entire network and then use MultiSite Reporter to quickly determine whether the problem has been satisfactorily resolved.

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