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Vertical White Papers: IP Telephony Solutions and VoIP Business Phone Systems


InstantOffice: VoIP Business Phone Systems

Retail IP Telephony: Dynamics and Costs of Inbound Call Failure
Retailers have long sought to understand and maximize customer satisfaction, recently through practices grouped under the term customer relationship management, or CRM. CRM invites retailers to manage customer interactions regardless of the communications channel their customers may select. While advances in computer network technology have dramatically improved POS and Web channels, inbound retail telephony at the store level has been largely ignored, and has not been fully integrated into most firms’ channel management strategies.
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Power of Retail Self Service Solutions
With the explosion of e-commerce and advances in computer-telephony integration (CTI), the telephone has re-emerged as a potent third sales channel for large, multi-site retail businesses.

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Improving Community Pharmacy Operations
Overview of advances in technology, integrated in-store communications that help pharmacists work more productively.
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Improving Retail Operations through Enhanced Communications
A look at how retailers are improving margins by improving the in-store experience that their customers have as a way to spur consumer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and generate word-of-mouth referrals.
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Seizing on New Opportunities with Advanced Restaurant Communications
Today it is possible to significantly improve the experience both of callers to a restaurant, and customers at the restaurant, with new call handling techniques.
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Staying Close to Customers: Converged Voice and Data Solutions for Financial Services Companies
By providing customers easier access to employees and allowing employees better access to information and applications, these systems can substantially improve productivity and maintain consistent high-quality customer contact across all delivery channels.
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TeleVantage: IP Telephony Solutions

TeleVantage to Time Matters Link
Vertical TeleVantage’s Computer IP Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities allow Phone Numbers to be shared with Time Matters such that contacts can be dialed automatically for Outgoing Calls and Incoming Calls can “screenpop” the associated Contact, Phone or Record when calls arrive.
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