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IP7008D - 8-Button DisplayVodavi 8 button phone
This 8-button telephone is the perfect upgrade for your XTS-IP or XTSc-IP telephone system. All IP7000 phones feature a built-in 10/100 switch, message wait indicator, silence suppression, echo cancellation, selectable ring tones (Vodavi Telenium™ IP only), text messaging (Vodavi Telenium IP only), DHCP for remote configuration, Web-based upgrade and management. The IP7008D has a backlit LCD display (2x24), full-duplex speaker, 8 Flex buttons, an optional second LAN Port, PoE 802.3af, and 2.5mm headset jack.
Works with XTS®-IP and Vodavi Telenium IP.

Vodavi 24 button phoneIP7024D - 24-Button Display
This 24-button telephone is exclusively for the Vodavi Telenium IP telephone system. The IP7024D has all the same features as the IP7008D plus 3 soft keys, a 3x24 backlit LCD display, and 24 Flex buttons. The IP7024D also supports a navigation key for access to the Dial by Name Directory and soft key scrolling on the Vodavi Telenium IP; a menu function is included.
Works with XTS-IP and Vodavi Telenium IP.

IP7024LD - 24-Button Large DisplayVodavi 24 button large display phone
Just when you thought a phone couldn’t get any better. The IP7024LD telephone is exclusive to the Vodavi Telenium IP telephone system. It features everything the IP7024D has, with a larger 9 x 32 display. This premium executive phone also includes a scheduler, phone book and much more.
Works with Vodavi Telenium IP.

Nomad VP PhoneNomad IP™
The revolutionary Nomad IP Wi-Fi® handset may be small, but it delivers like its big desktop brothers, with an important plus: it’s completely portable. With the Nomad IP, an employee can make and receive voice calls using a wireless broadband connection virtually anywhere, as if they never left the office.
Works with XTS-IP and Vodavi Telenium IP.

Nomad SP™Nomad SP Soft Phone
The Nomad SP is a soft phone application designed for the road warrior. Nomad SP is a remote extension of the telephone system and resides on a desktop or laptop PC. Nomad SP is simple to operate __ simply connect a USB headset, log into a broadband connection and you’re ready to work. Nomad SP includes a Phone Book database that provides pop-ups for incoming caller identification and allows the user to place calls as well as manage contact records. Nomad SP also includes a Short Message Service (SMS), available for the Vodavi Telenium IP only, which allows the user to send messages to other Vodavi Telenium IP users.
Works with XTS-IP and Vodavi Telenium IP.

Nomad PDA™Nomad PDA Phone
Add the Nomad PDA application to your Vodavi Telenium IP system and make your Windows® Personal Digital Assistant into a highly portable wireless system phone extension. Nomad PDA gives you the convenience of mobility and more at your fingertips.
Works with Vodavi Telenium IP.

Nomad IP Phone with videoNomad VP™ With Video
Nomad VP soft video phone application makes video conferencing practical and affordable with your Vodavi Telenium IP system. Nomad VP works with your PC and video camera. With Nomad VP, you can not only video conference with an associate, but you can also share PC applications with them as well! Nomad VP adds a new dimension to conferences, can save on travel expenses and is also a great training tool.
Works with Vodavi Telenium IP.

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