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Mobility: Be Anywhere, and Everywhere, for Your Customers

Thirty-eight percent of America’s work force consider their cars, homes and hotel rooms a virtual office. This statistic is expected to rise substantially in the coming years. With fewer people physically located at an office location, the ability to stay connected with your customers becomes an increasingly important challenge. Vodavi Telenium™ IP has a host of mobility solutions that can be teamed up with a single office extension, thus eliminating the need to juggle multiple extensions and mailboxes.

A Phone Extension on Your PC
Nomad SP is a solution that provides a fully functional extension of the host telephone system right on a laptop PC. All you need is a USB headset and a broadband connection. Nomad SP also integrates seamlessly with contact management software for greater efficiency and ease of use.

A Wireless Handset Extension
Nomad IP is a wireless IP (Wi-Fi®) handset that operates via wireless access points placed throughout your site. This allows your employees to be more productive by freeing them from their desks. The handset can also be used from any 802.11b wireless hot spot such as an airport or Internet cafe.

A Phone Extension on Your PDA
Nomad PDA allows you to enjoy the benefits of having anextension right on your PDA. Nomad PDA provides the convenience of mobility and more at your fingertips!

Presence: Be There for Your Customer or Someone Else Will

Convenience. We thrive on it. Your customers demand it. When you’re the customer, so do you. No one likes to be placed on terminal hold or transferred to voice mailwithout an opportunity to talk to a real live person. Vodavi Telenium IP provides powerful tools that enable you to always be there for your customers.

Have Your Calls Follow You
Have your phone ring at another location while you’re away from your desk. Transfer all calls to your cell phone, or just the important ones. Do what it takes to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Top Shelf Customer Access
Vodavi Telenium IP comes standard with a powerful Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) package that will allow you to better manage your call flow. For even greater control, Discovery Manager allows you to report on calling activity for a variety of purposes, from measuring performance in a call center environment to making staffing decisions based on peak activity hours.

Elevate Important Calls
Expecting an important call? Desktop Call Control allows you to see who is calling right on your desktop PC, so you can take that call, even if you’re already on the phone. If you’re speaking with your best customer, you can transfer new callers to an associate or your own voicemail, all from your PC. Desktop Call Control is available with optional Path Finder IP messaging server.

Collaboration: Empower Your Team Virtually

Your business wouldn’t thrive without your people. Give them the tools they need to be most effective.

Multiple Offices Operate as One
With Vodavi Telenium IP, you can network multiple offices, home offices and remote buildings together to create one cohesive communications system. See at a glance if your associate across town is on the phone. Share voicemails. Work together as a team.

Collaborate on Your Work Real Time
NomadVP is a Video Phone solution that works with your PC and video camera. You can video converse with an associate while simultaneously sharing any PC application. This enables distant associates to collaborate on projects without the need for extensive travel. Nomad VP also works as a great training platform.

Coach Your Team
Supervisors can have the ability to listen to trainees as they gain on-the-job experience. If needed, a supervisor can “join the call” and offer support when their trainee is faced with a new or difficult situation.

Cover for Each Other
Have your phone ring at an associate’s station while you’re at an off-site meeting or on vacation, ensuring uninterrupted customer support.

Convergence: Enjoy the benefits of unified technology

Phone calls. E-mails. Faxes. These used to be separate and distinct forms of communication. Convergence has become the unifying force in communications, and it’s transforming the way business gets done. It can make you more efficient. It can reduce your overhead. Convergence can open new doors of opportunity for building your future.

Vodavi Telenium IP takes full advantage of convergence by offering several forward-thinking capabilities.

E-mails on Your Phone, Faxes in Your Inbox
PathFinder IP is a robust system that blends Voice, Electronic, and Fax communications to enhance productivity. Access your e-mails without a computer or have your Faxes delivered to your e-mail Inbox. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Reliability and Flexibility
Not too many phone system manufacturers can tout fast startup times, but we can. Since the Vodavi Telenium IP system has no hard drive, the system keeps you as profitable as possible by minimizing down times and the chance of equipment failures.

Common Technology Economies
Since Vodavi Telenium IP is a LAN-based product, phones and PCs can reside on the same data network. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported, but not required, making Vodavi Telenium IP compatible with all modern networks. Its distributed architecture makes it easy to converge remote offices, home offices and telecommuters.

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