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TeleVantage® Conference Manager

Scalable, Low-Cost Conferencing
TeleVantage Conference Manager is a powerful tool for creating automated, professional conference calls. With TeleVantage Conference Manager, you never need to manually create a conference. Callers to an extension are automatically welcomed and added to the conference bridge of their choice - plus you can have TeleVantage Conference Manager automatically place invitation calls to a list of people and add them to the conference. Virtual conference "rooms" let you conduct multiple conference calls simultaneously. Prompt calls for a particular conference room or automatically add them to a room based on the number dialed. Optionally configure password entry on a room-by-room basis, and even create moderated conferences that automatically mute all callers other than the moderator. Depending on your hardware configuration, TeleVantage Conference Manager can manage conference calls as large as 60 parties.

Teleconferences Have Never Been Easier to Arrange
The graphical TeleVantage Conference Room Administrator lets you schedule conference calls in advance, creating rooms that become available at a certain date and for a certain duration. Alternately, create conference rooms that are available all the time for on-the-fly conferences. An unlimited number of conference rooms can be created and the number of simultaneous conference calls are only limited by your hardware configuration. You can install the TeleVantage Conference Room Administrator on any PC that has a TeleVantage Client, so you can manage conference rooms from anywhere on the network.

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TeleVantage Conference Manager works seamlessly with TeleVantage. You can view and manage conference calls in the TeleVantage Call Monitor, and use the TeleVantage Call Log to keep track of who was in a conference and for how long. Expand TeleVantage Conference Manager using the TeleVantage SDK, with custom programs that can place callers in particular conference rooms and control whether they are muted or not. TeleVantage Conference Manager provides sophisticated, high-quality conference calls that increase communication and enhance your business' image.


  • Conference up to 60 parties and have an unlimited number of conference rooms (depending on available hardware conference resources).
  • Conduct multiple conference calls simultaneously in different conference "rooms".
  • Automatically route callers to a particular conference room, or verbally prompt them to enter a conference room's ID.
  • Automatically place outbound invitation calls to a list of invitees and add them to a conference.
  • Give moderators the choice of whether to call the invitation list when they join a conference.
  • Schedule conference rooms to be available all the time or only on a certain date for a limited amount of time.
  • Optionally require password entry to a conference.
  • Create moderated conferences where only the moderator can speak and other callers are muted.
  • Manage and view conference participants using the TeleVantage Call Monitor.
  • See who was in a conference and for how long using the TeleVantage Call Log.
  • Using the TeleVantage SDK, create programs that place callers in particular conference rooms and control their ability to participate.
  • Announce how many participants are in conference as you enter a room.


  • TeleVantage 5.0 or higher
  • 1 TeleVantage Client license, which is shared by the Conference Utility user and the Conference administrator.
  • 1 dedicated TeleVantage Station license and phone (analog or Toshiba digital), which must be left off-hook in hands-free mode.
  • 1 TeleVantage Station license for each simultaneous caller using the TeleVantage Conference Manager IVR Plug-in.
  • Sufficient hardware conference resources to support desired number of conference parties

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