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Wave IP™ Business Communications Systems:
The only IP PBX system with Application Ready Architecture

Unlike other solutions that offer support for adding voice applications at a later date, but which require additional servers and other components — not to mention long deployment schedules and business disruption — Wave IP is unique in its Application Ready architecture. Wave’s portfolio of embedded applications is included “in-the-box” with every Wave IP 500 and Wave IP 2500 system. You choose what you need, when you need it.

Base Applications

Base applications, such as Auto Attendant, Call Recording and Unified Messaging, are included at no extra cost. Wave ViewPoint™, the award-winning desktop communications tool, is included for all users, providing control over every aspect of every call on both the PC desktop and the telephone.

  • ViewPoint Desktop Call Management ViewPoint is the intuitive call handling software that makes it easy to place calls, transfer calls and manage contacts with drag-and-drop simplicity. ViewPoint imports contacts from your Microsoft® Outlook directory, making it easy to search for phone numbers. Make and share notes about a particular call, and bookmark sections of a voicemail message to identify critical parts of a call.
  • Visual Voicemail View and manage your voicemail messages using ViewPoint. Wave Voicemail supports up to 1,000 mailboxes.
  • Unified Messaging Let users manage email and voicemail messages through a single desktop interface such as Outlook.
  • Presence Management Using ViewPoint, check the availability of everyone using Wave IP. Confirm if a colleague is at a meeting, traveling or available by phone before initiating a call or conference or forwarding a call to that individual.
  • Call Recording Record all calls, calls on demand, or on a customized schedule with a single mouse click to confirm customer orders, support compliance efforts and facilitate training and coaching.
  • Auto Attendant Provide a professional call experience by directing prospects, customers and business partners to the right person or department, without the intervention or cost of an operator.
  • Wave Global Administrator™ This intuitive, Web-based management tool makes it easy to set up the system, handle moves, adds and changes, and administer applications licenses. Global Administrator includes robust diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.
  • Wave Client API Integrate ViewPoint with 3rd party enterprise applications — CRM, billing, hospitality, pharmacy software suites and more. Anything you can do in ViewPoint you can do in your enterprise application by utilizing this comprehensive and easy to use API.

Wave ViewPoint placing a call - Click for a larger view
Wave ViewPoint makes it easy to place, transfer and manage calls from your desktop.

Add-on Applications

Optional add-on applications are pre-installed and ready-to-run. They can be licensed and dynamically launched at any time. The free 30-day trial license lets you try each application before you buy.

  • Wave Contact Center™ & Reporter™ Optimized for any business unit that interacts with customers such as technical support, inside sales and customer service. Wave Contact center agents can be located wherever there is an Internet connection. Agents use the same ViewPoint application. Administrators maximize customer satisfaction and agent performance with enterprise-level contact routing and queuing. Advanced monitoring and reporting on virtually any aspect of contact center operations are included. Learn more.
  • "We have been using Wave Contact Center in our customer service department for the last three months, the applications are just great and very easy to configure. In fact, it took less than 20 minutes for our customer service queues, agents, in queue announcements and call recording to be setup and in production. The full integration of Wave Contact Center with ViewPoint allowed our supervisors to access real-time queue and agent information instantly. Wave Contact Center Reporter provides a broad range of historical reports, again, conveniently from within ViewPoint. The ability to create any desired custom reports utilizing Crystal Reports is an added bonus. Wave Contact Center is a winner!"

    Chet Lytle, Jr., President, Communications Diversified, Inc.

  • Wave Voice Server™ This fully-integrated voice application server enables you to develop and deploy customer-friendly business-enhancing, self-service applications. As business needs evolve, use Wave Voice Server to create your own library of value-added speech-enabled applications. Learn more.

  • Wave Call Classifier™Wave Call Classifier empowers organizations to dramatically improve their customer service and competitive advantage with advanced call routing based on real-time lookup of customer data. Service professionals using Wave Call Classifier are informed about the caller and the origin of the lead source or relevant promotion before they answer a call. Wave Call Classifier can provide agents with detailed caller information from any ODBC database (local or external), and intelligently route calls based on who is calling and what they are calling about. Learn more.

  • WaveNet™ WaveNet creates an enterprise-wide Wave IP-PBX infrastructure that streamlines all aspects of administration and enables your organization to operate more efficiently. WaveNet aggregates multiple locations into a single telephone system, combining users from various locations to present a single network wide extension list and dial plan. Employees everywhere can reach each other through seamless intercom dialing, view presence & personal status (via phone or ViewPoint) and seamlessly exchange voice mails without the need to remember location or complicated dialing codes. Learn more.
  • "Using Verticalís WaveNet application we where able to quickly convert the discreet Wave IP systems in our network into one single communications system. Doing so was a very seamless exercise using the Wave Global Administrator and was accomplished through just a few simple mouse clicks! With WaveNet, our users can now call other users on a different Wave IP system as if they are on the same system. Using ViewPoint we can now see the status of different users all across the network. WaveNet is a great addition to the suite of applications on the Wave IP system."

    Matt Tesdell, Vice President, Tesdell Electric Ltd.

Management & Reporting Tools

Wave Global Administrator, included with Wave IP, provides a broad range of management and diagnostic capabilities. If your employees are distributed among multiple locations, or if you require multi-site reporting for your organization, you may consider these optional Wave IP management tools.

  • Wave Global Manager™ This powerful Web-based multi-site management tool complements Wave Global Administrator by allowing you to track, schedule and automate routine system maintenance tasks, such as backups and software upgrades.
  • Wave Global Reporter™ Automates the collection and analysis of call detail information for a single system or across a network of systems at multiple locations. For these multi-site deployments, Wave Global Reporter automatically consolidates call records and applications-level data from each site, accessible through both global views and drill-down reporting.

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