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Wave IP™ Business Communications Systems:
Changing the Game

Wave IP changes the game for next-generation IP business communications—delivering enterprise-level communications capabilities at a small business price.

Every aspect of Wave IP is designed to enable your organization to enhance customer service, improve employee productivity and control communications costs. Wave IP extends the value of business communications with its unique Application Ready architecture, which supports an embedded portfolio of communications applications as a fully integrated solution — eliminating the need for costly additional servers. A set of high-value base applications come standard on the Wave IP 500 and Wave IP 2500 platforms including Wave ViewPoint™, Visual Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Presence, Call Recording and Auto Attendant. The award-winning Wave ViewPoint desktop call management tool delivers an easy, intuitive and powerful set of communications capabilities to every user in your organization, dramatically extending the capabilities of a physical phone.

Wave ViewPoint Voicemail - Click for a larger view
The Wave ViewPoint application, available to all users on the Wave IP system, makes it easy to initiate, receive and manage calls.

A range of optional Wave IP add-on applications are already part of the Wave IP system, and can be dynamically deployed at any time — a capability no other solution can claim. To ensure seamless operation of the Wave IP system and ease of administration among multiple sites, Wave IP offers network-wide management and reporting tools.

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Realize the cost savings of SIP trunking SIP trunking is one of the biggest cost saving opportunities a company can achieve to reduce operating expenses. Compared to traditional PSTN trunks with DID and 800 numbers, a company can immediately save 30-50% off their monthly phone bill. Wave IP is certified with a number of different SIP providers.
  • Increase the value of existing voice infrastructure Migration is a key value of Wave IP—as it supports a number of traditional phone types. Wave IP is compatible with Vodavi® and Comdial® phones, as well as, supporting any analog or standard IP endpoint.
  • Vertical Edge 700 8-button phone  
    Vertical Edge 700 8-button phone  
  • Avoid the exorbitant expense of upgrading IP/Data Networks to support VoIP You don't have to upgrade your entire network to support a new VoIP system while still realizing the benefits! Wave IP is a converged system that can be deployed as a digital, analog, hybrid or VoIP phone system. Most VoIP systems require expensive network upgrades to support the increased bandwidth, security and QoS required for VoIP calls on the LAN and WAN.
  • Manage your voice systems like your IT systems Wave IP offers a robust Web-based administration console that can be accessed remotely and configured to provide alerts and alarms based on system status and performance. The Wave Global Administrator management console has over 50 applets covering configuration, user management, diagnostics, licensing and notification/alert management.

Desktop Integration Increases your Productivity

  • Manage your voicemail visually through a simple, intuitive interface, letting you prioritize your messages at a glance. Listen to the most pressing voicemail first and add notes easily. Bookmark important sections of the message, such as an order or phone number, enabling rapid retrieval of vital information. Notes are included in forwarded messages for easy reference.
  • Enhance customer and partner loyalty & retention ViewPoint enhances your relationship with customers and partners by boosting your responsiveness. For example, your most important clients may not know they have been designated as a VIP caller, but they will be aware that their calls are answered with a personalized response and always returned within a few minutes.
  • Support compliance & training with call recording Call recording is a powerful tool supporting vital business functions like compliance, training, performance reviews and customer service. To record an outbound or inbound call, simply click the record button on the toolbar or have the system record calls automatically. Pause or resume recording as needed—and putting a call on hold automatically pauses recording. You can even add written notes or your own recorded comments and bookmark key moments in the recording for future access. With ViewPoint you can quickly and easily search your archived recordings for specific conversations.
  • Target messages to diverse audiences Easily record and broadcast voice messages to groups or entire organizations, enabling prompt delivery of urgent or time-sensitive messages.
  • Treat each caller with a personal touch Create multiple voice greetings and set up custom routing rules through an intuitive GUI interface to define how each caller is handled, including VIP treatment, creating a custom experience for callers.
  • Take ViewPoint features with you In an organization whole mobile employees have multiple phone lines, "follow-me" call forwarding ensures that an employee is always reachable—on any specified line—and always has access to the full range of Wave IP features. Customers only need to know one phone number for a given employee in order to reach that individual anywhere in the world.

The real Wave IP breakthrough is the elegance with which all of these capabilities have been engineered into one single, streamlined and extraordinarily cost-effective platform to provide real-world performance advantages and superior value.

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