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Xcelerator IP™ Technical Specifications

Specification and Feature Summary
Xcelerator IP Gateway   IP 2007 SIP Telephone
Network Features
• LAN Interface: 4 Ethernet 10/100BaseT (via RJ45 connectors)
• Supports 8 VoIP SIP trunks and 3 FXO Standard Analog trunks via RJ11C (Loop Start)
• SIP proxy
• VoIP: SIP v2 (RFC3261), G.711, and G.723.1 (optional)
• IP Address Assign (DHCP)
• IP QoS (802.1p, VLAN, Priority Queue based on ToS tag)
• WAN Data Port (10/100BaseT); Access via External Cable/ADSL for Broadband Data
• TCP/IP Protocols
• Firewall functions: IP/Port/Interface Filtering Rules; Port Triggering; Port Forwarding; DMZ Host; MAC Layer Filtering; NAT with STUN
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af
• Supports up to 24 SIP Voice Terminals, both wired (expand with PoE switch) and wireless via Ethernet or built-in 802.11g Wi-Fi Access Point
• 1 FXS (RJ11) for Analog device
• Remote Administration via 802.11G Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Performance Features
• Automatic failover to PSTN
• Adaptive Jitter Buffer
• Automatic fall-back to PSTN line calling if power fails
• Auto Attendant and voicemail (4 hours, G.729a)
• Automatic registration with IP2007 endpoint
• Call Operator
• Call Progress Tone Generation/Detection
• Call Routing
• Caller ID Name & Number
• Caller ID to Extension
• Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
• Data Protocols: DHCP, TFPT, RTP, SIP
• Daylight Saving Time
• Default Set
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA) via Auto Attendant
• DTMF Relay (RFC2833)
• Extension Password
• Fax/Modem 2100 Hz Tone Detection
• Echo Cancellation: G.168 for each voice line
• Flash — Analog Port (SLT) Flash Recognition
• G.168 Line Echo Cancellation
• Integrated voicemail
• Line Group Assignment
• Multi-Line Appearance
• Music On Hold
• NAT and Routing Functions
• Night Switching
• 911 on CO Trunks
• Numbering Plan
• System Data & Time
• System Speed Dial Capacity: 100 entries
• Transfer
• Trunk Group
• Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
• Password protected system management
• User authentication for PPP (PAP/CHAP/MSCHAP)
• Firewall
• Packet Filtering
• Access Control List
• Wireless Security: WEP (64, 128-bit) encryption; 802.1x and WPA/WAP2 authentication; MAC Address-based access control
• Automatic registration with Xcelerator IP
• Blind Transfer
• Call Forward
• Always Forward
• Busy Forward
• No Answer Forward
• Call Log
• Call Park, Park Retrieve
• Caller ID Name & Number Displayed
• Conferencing (3 parties)
• Daylight Savings Time
• Dial Plan
• Directory Dial
• Do Not Disturb
• Dual Ethernet ports
• E-mail Notification of voicemail Message
• External Paging
• Feature Key Programming
• Group Paging
• Headset Jack
• Hold/Resume/Navigation
• Interactive LCD Display
• Interactive soft keys
• Least Cost Routing
• LED Status Indicators
• Menu Configuration
• Message Waiting Indication
• Mute
• Page Allow/Deny
• Phone Book: 400 entries
• Phone Lock/Unlock
• PoE 802.3af Option
• Redial
• Ring Groups
• SIP Compliant (RFC3261)
• Soft Keys
• SpeakerPhone
• Speed Dial

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