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Telecommuter or Remote Office Support
With the XTS®-IP system, you can place IP phones remotely and they become fully-functional extensions of the host telephone system. Users can place, monitor, or transfer calls just like they were operating from headquarters. When used in conjunction with a Remote Services Gateway Module (RSGM) you can also enjoy the benefits of a local CO line served from the remote system to the host system. For example, if your headquarters is in Phoenix and you have a remote office in San Diego, headquarters staff can utilize the local CO-line in San Diego to place outbound calls in the San Diego vicinity, thus bypassing toll charges. This type of functionality all happens behind-the-scenes, so the result is seamless communications for your staff, and reduced overhead for you.

Traveling Worker Support – Nomad™ PC
Nomad PC is the perfect solution for traveling sales and support staff. Nomad PC is a fully-functional extension of the host telephone system that resides on a laptop PC. With the simple addition of a USB headset, the traveling employee can operate as if they were on-site, anytime they have access to a broadband connection. Just like with the IP phone, they can place, monitor and transfer calls while appearing to be at headquarters.

Mobile Worker Support – Nomad IP
Nomad IP is a handset for the XTS-IP system that operates on the IP network via wireless access points placed throughout your site. The handset can automatically “hand-off” a signal between these access points, allowing, for example, warehouse staff to provide immediate and direct customer service while performing their regular duties throughout the warehouse.

Multi-Site Workgroups
Multiple XTS-IP and XTSc-IP telephone systems can be networked up to 32 sites. One system acts as the hub and the remaining systems are the nodes, providing limitless possibilities for your communications. Networking systems in this manner enables powerful features such as centralized attendant and voice mail to work to your advantage, both fiscally and operationally.

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