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Vodavi® XTS® Converged Communications Solution Technical Specifications


The XTSc-IP is the perfect solution for small businesses or for remote sites in a networked, multi-site environment. It shares the same internal components as the larger, XTS-IP system, so your system can grow with you. Should you need to migrate to the larger XTS-IP, simply replace the cabinetry and master processor for increased capacity.Vodavi XTSc-IP phone system

Maximum Capacities

Traditional (TDM) Technology
The XTSc-IP is a single-cabinet unit that starts as a 4 x 8 x 2 (4 CO lines , 8 stations, 2 analog ports) and can grow to 28 x 44 x 2. It has 5 universal expansion slots that can be used for station, CO, ISDN, In-skin voicemail or VoIP expansion.

The XTSc-IP accomodates one VoIP card, available in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 24*-port configurations.


The XTS-IP can be configured from one to six cabinets for a maximum of 600 ports. When you add networking capability up to 32 sites, you can easily see that the XTS-IP is one of the most versatile communications systems on the market today. Should you need to expand beyond one cabinet, simply replace the master processor for increased capacity.Vodavi XTS-IP phone system

Maximum Capacities

Traditional Technology

  • One Cabinet: 48 CO lines and 96 Stations up to 136 ports
  • Two Cabinets: 144 lines and 192 Stations up to 280 ports
  • Three Cabinets: 144 lines and 252 Stations up to 376 ports
  • Four to Six Cabinets: 216 lines and 492 Stations up to 600 ports. Cabinet count depends on configuration.

When fully expanded to 6 cabinets, the XTS-IP is available in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 24-port configurations.

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