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Small to Medium Sized Businesses Phone Solutions for Contact Centers

The Problem

Old thinking says that building and running a contact center is a task best left to "the big organizations." The need for expensive, sophisticated equipment, a dedicated facility and a heavily armed IT staff has traditionally meant that contact centers were too expensive and too complex to be built and operated by small- and medium-sized businesses. Vertical is changing all of that.

The IP PBX Phone System Solution

With revolutionary IP based technology transforming the way the world communicates, contact centers are benefiting greatly in the way they function and in their efficiency. IP telephony is a very powerful tool for contact centers that handle a substantial amount of traffic because it enables calls to be integrated with computer applications that can automatically evaluate incoming calls and route them according to the source of the call and with regard to available agents. Today, Vertical's customer relationship management (CRM) calling solutions make operating a contact center an efficient, profitable and viable venture for even small companies. Vertical's Contact Center Solutions use state-of-the-art VoIP technology to create IP PBX phone systems that reduce costs while increasing quality and efficiency. With it's PBX software-based architecture, Vertical's proven solutions can be cost-effectively implemented with as few as five seats, and include a package of rich features that allow you to offer your agents and customers all the advanced capabilities of larger, hardware-based centers, but at a fraction of the cost.

Vertical's Contact Center Solutions Provide:

  • An easy-to-use visual interface that integrates your voice and data networks, enabling intuitive drag-and-drop and mouse-click call handling for your agents and a consistently high level of service for your customers
  • A powerful administrator’s interface that provides a strategic, bird's-eye view of your entire contact center operations, allowing you to monitor overall activity or a specific agent
  • IP telephony that enables sophisticated call routing capabilities reflecting a range of criteria, such as agent skill set, experience or capacity. Customer satisfaction is dramatically increased by ensuring that each caller reaches the appropriate agent in the shortest amount of time
  • PBX Software-based standards that grow dynamically with your business, enabling extensions to be added, moved, or changed quickly and cost-effectively according to your company’s needs
  • The ability to record and archive calls and to silently monitor, coach or join agents on calls. The result: a higher, more consistent level of customer service, better quality control and more efficient agent training
  • Hands-free answering capabilities using headsets or speakerphones

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