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IP Business Phone Systems Overview

Each day, technology is taking strides towards making it easier to communicate, no matter how far apart the two end points may be. Companies are using revolutionary new ways to communicate internally and with clients and customers. The business phone system, which is the backbone of a firm’s telecommunications network, is assuming a new shape.

Internet Protocol, or IP, telephony is the latest, cost-reducing replacement for legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) phone systems. An IP business phone system is essentially a software-based program that resides and runs on PCs and servers on a network. An IP phone system integrates with computer applications resulting in hybrid call management assets that greatly improve call handling and messaging, enabling superior customer service. Examples include integrated voice mail and e-mail, a graphical user interface for telephony functions, enhanced call center features, and many more.

IP business phone systems can significantly reduce telephone charges, particularly by eliminating long distance calls. For companies with remote offices and mobile workers, this is clearly a valuable benefit. In addition, overall communications infrastructure management is simplified with an IP business phone system, because voice communications run on an existing data network, For example, adding new IP telephone endpoints to a network does not require installing new phone cables. All that is required is to configure the new workstations or IP endpoints for voice calling..moves and changes are just as easy. With an IP business phone system, voice and data communications can be converged so that there is a minimum of extra load on infrastructure management.

Customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of conversion to an IP business phone system. With superior call handling, customer satisfaction soars.

Keeping pace with the rapidly advancing technology in the world of telecommunications is not only desirable, but indeed, a necessity for progressive companies. With IP phone systems replacing traditional phone systems, business operations can boost their revenues, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

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